Bitcoin Computer

Full-Time Smart Contract System Engineer

Basic Qualifications

  • Strong background in Computer Science, specifically in some of the following areas
    • Databases
    • Compilers
    • Data structures
    • Algorithms
    • Formal language theory
  • Experience with Javascript, Github, and npm

Preferred Qualification

  • Strong STEM background with a university degree
  • Experience building applications with Bitcoin
  • Experience writing smart contracts
  • Experience with web security
  • Experience with Typescript
  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience in applied cryptography

About the Job

As a smart contract systems engineer, you will be working on the core of Bitcoin Computer's smart contract engine. In an onboarding phase, you will learn how our smart contract system works. Once onboarded your main task is to help make the Bitcoin Computer more user friendly, secure, and scalable. At first, you will be working on known issues. Over time we expect you to flag issues, work with the team to find a good solution, and to help implement that solution. You will be also be involved in the design, implementation, and testing of upcoming features.
You will be working remotely with a small international team. You need to be available between 10am and 2pm PST for online meetings.
We care deeply about code quality and quantity - in that order.
Email [email protected] to apply.
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